101 Questions for Expectant Parents: Preserving Your Relationship through the Transition

by Tracey T. Serebin The transition from being a couple to raising a child brings with it adjustments that regular parenting books simply dont cover. In the first three years after the birth of a baby, two-thirds of marriages suffer from marital distress because couples are never given the right tools to weather those changes. 101 Questions for Expectant Parents is a tool developed to preserve a couples relationship through the transition. While couples prepare for their baby by getting the nursery ready and gearing up for the babys birth, they dont really prepare for how this birth will affect their relationship. This book asks parents a number of questions to allow them to prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically for the task of raising a new child, as well as opening up communication on specific issues before they arise. It allows new parents to think about and discuss the specifics of raising a child and prepare long before the birth for many of the concerns of a baby. It addresses questions about how a couples relationship may be affected after the birth of their child, medical concerns of a new child, plans for childbirth, the emotional concerns of a new mother, and the shared duties of the new father. This book should be read by every new couple expecting a child in their lives, to prepare them for the adjustment of becoming parents and the transition from coupledom to parenthood. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Tracey T. Serebin is a family dynamics and communication specialist. She has a coaching practice in northern New Jersey, working with kids, parents, and families. Tracey conducts motivational seminars around the country, writes family travel articles about reconnecting with family, and develops curriculum for kids. She lives with her husband, son, and two dogs in New Jersey. www.traceyserebin.com (2008, paperback, 54 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.