12 African Children's Tales: A Morals Book for All Children: Second Edition

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12 African Childrens Tales: A Morals Book for All Children: Second Edition
by James Addai

Author James Addai was born in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. He grew up in a big city, but spent some time in a small town in the country where he heard all kinds of childrens stories.

There were stories of happiness, sadness, bravery, courage, cowardice, ambition, discipline, mystery, truth, lies, revenge and forgiveness. Adults told these stories to children to educate and entertain them.

The author was curious about small towns and villages and their different values. The wide open fields, big and small farms, thick forests and jungles filled with wildlife, exotic plants, mysterious cultures, were all there to be explored.

The author has showcased all of that in this book.

(2015, Paperback, 58 pages)