2000 Honeycutt and Davidsons

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2000 Honeycutt and Davidsons
by Johnny McClendon

Oscar Settlebrooks was born in the Upper Eastside of Atlanta. His parents were both very smart and very successful. Although he had a life most people would kill for, he was always a little different from the rest.

At the age of thirteen, he witnessed his mothers death and that was the day his life took an interesting turn. He began to look at women in a whole other way. He felt they were weak and put themselves in predicaments to provoke men.

As time went on, Oscar had to find a way to live among society and hide his inner rage at the same time. Feeling like it was getting to the right time for him to act among his temptations, he began to plan out the way he would go about it. How was he going to determine who was going to be the first? How would he get rid of the evidence? Many things were going on in Oscar, and he was experiencing a part of himself that he had no idea even existed.

About the Author

Johnny L. McClendon was born on December 25, 1965, in Albany, Georgia. He moved after a horrible house fire that led him to Atlanta in 1972. Johnny attended classes at Northside Performance Arts and also attended acting and modeling classes at Burt Reynolds and Casablanca. Johnny has been involved as a coach for the little league football team out of Dekalb Co. Police Recreational League.

A former Crackerjack performer and vocal singer, he moved on to build his own empire. Now the founder of his own company, Go Getta Entertainment Platinum 101 Productions, he now caters to the new up-and-coming local artists. You should keep your eyes open for Hollyhood, another excellent book/film coming your way. Thank you all for your support and inspiration. God bless you all!

(2012, hardcover, 32 pages)