2084: A Time Capsule Warning from the Future

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2084: A Time Capsule Warning from the Future
by Dr. T.F. Fieve

2084: A Time Capsule Warning from the Future is a gripping science fiction novel based on the latest findings of astronomy and geology.

The story follows four generations of the Keen family as they build the Land Ark to survive Volcanic Winter in the last outpost of New Zealand and to go on to defeat the Big Blimp and Chip dictatorship.

2084 is not only thrilling reading, it also gives timely civil defense information in the story line and in the Mini-Survival Manual in the back of the book. A bibliography and glossary are also provided so that readers can pursue their own research into its crucial topic.

About the Author:

Dr. T.F. Fieve is a member of the Mathematical Association of America and the American Mathematical Society. He has worked with Civil Defence officials in New Zealand and he has a lifetime of direct experience in emergency situations involving war, nuclear war, wildland forest fires, and hurricanes in Florida.

Dr. Fieve was also instrumental in starting the African Nuclear Weapons Free-Zone. He is the author of Forms, Numbers, and Proportions, The Prevention of the Coming Middle-East Water War and Threats to Life on Earth in the Next Fifty Years.

Dr. Fieve now lives in New Mexico.

(2016, Paperback, 220 pages)