21st Century Ramblings


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21st Century Ramblings
by Teranie Nash

21st Century Ramblings is a book congested with story-poems that reminds us of things in the world concerning power, love, and hope. It is different and tries to get the attention to promote peace. It gives mysterious messages about how a change needs to take place because we are living in end times and there is an afterlife. It leads us to wonder if it is real and if these poems hold extraordinary secrets.

So channel into the strangeness, unravel a mystery behind these story-poems of the 21st Century Ramblings, and see if it can be some help to promote a better future.

About the Author

Teranie Nash was raised in Pineville, Louisiana. She graduated from high school at an all-girls academy in Baton Rouge. She later went to college and graduated from Louisiana State University in December 2006 with a bachelor of science degree, specializing in Human Service Management. Shes a fun-loving person who travels. She has strong prayerful parents who glorify God to the highest and pray for many issues in the world. She is surrounded by brothers and sisters who have inspired her to share her poetic observations about issues and unnatural things to help illuminate ones mind. So enjoy and have a cup of tea.

(2010, paperback, 78 pages)