250 Thought Provoking Quotes

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250 Thought Provoking Quotes
by Susan P. Adler

Author Susan P. Adler has always enjoyed writing poetry and short stories. Now, in introducing this second collection of published work, she presents 250 quotes that are absolutely thought provoking. Her clever twist on words will be sure to leave her readers left pondering many of lifes truisms in a new light. Done in a way that makes readers laugh and think at the same time, she is still offering up lifes lessons with lasting reflection. Many are political and in real time.

About the Author: Susan P. Adler is a Baldwin-Wallace graduate with a Liberal Arts degree in communication. She has traveled Asia and Europe to share her world views with a creative bent.

Susan is a lifelong volunteer for numerous causes and political campaigns, PTA mom, and a loyal advocate for peace and justice. A victim-survivor of the judicial court system, she has set precedence for childrens and womens rights.

A Jill-Of-All-Trades, Susan has years of work experience in Corporate America. She worked in life insurance sales and payroll accounting prior to full-time college. She enjoyed renovating her four homes, using her artistic and decorating talents.

Susan not only continues to write, but has been fighting an ongoing legal matter regarding her home, recently just overcoming an astounding accomplishment with a major and world-known financial institution. Her personal ongoing and pro-active mission has been to make a positive impact as she deals with our national mortgage crisis. The proverbial underwater homeowner, Susan has written several quotes in this collection with genuine transparency reflecting her outraged sentiments over these toxic and costly lending issues.

(2015, Paperback, 44 pages)