A Collection of Short Stories

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A Collection of Short Stories
by Lillian E. Martin

This book is a collection of short stories based largely on true occurrences that the author has either experienced or heard about. The author believes that they can be read and enjoyed by the young, as well as the not so young.

The authors personal favorite is Picnic Nightmare, which she enjoyed writing the most. The story brings back vivid memories of life as a teenager in the islands and the weekend getaways the author enjoyed.

Other stories are based on the authors real life situations. Dannys Mountain Getaway is a sort of recap of the authors life as a construction secretary for a high-rise office complex. The Project Manger inspired the story.

About the Author

The author was born in the city of Port of Spain in the Caribbean island of Trinidad, sister island of Tobago.

In May 1974 Martin migrated to the United States where she started off working as a temp with a firm of Catholic Missionaries. She stayed at this job for a few months, and then went on to work as a secretary for a firm of Contractors and Engineers for the duration of a high-rise construction project that took two and a half years to complete.

Finally, Martin worked as a legal secretary until retirement in 1998. During those working years she resumed studying creative writing in the pre-dawn hours before getting ready for work. She has been writing short stories and articles, mostly for Catholic publications.

(2012, paperback, 48 pages)