A Crone's Book of Fool Eatery


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A Crone's Book of Fool Eatery
by Maryanne Harris

The Crones Book of Fool Eatery is a mixture of the mundane and yet magical family recipes passed down through generations from my Great Grandmother Lady Nana. Lady Nana came to the United States through sponsorships. Born and raised in Ireland, she worked there as a midwife, and upon arriving in this country worked as a practical nurse delivering babies at home for many a year before raising a family of her own . One saying stands out more than any other. Lady Nana always said to Maryanne, Not everyone will understand you or your beliefs, but always stand true to yourself. It is your gift that sets you apart from the mundane. This is something I have stood by and passed down To my Children.

The Crones Book of Fool Eatery is a different kind of collection, sure to please a variety of mature Palates, sprinkled with a hint of original stories to bring a smile into your day.

Life is not supposed to teach you how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.

About the Author

ProvinceRose, the pen name under which Maryanne Harriss other works are published, is a witch, herbalist, an established Reiki Healer, proud Mother and grandmother, and author of several books, including The Childrens Book and The Collective ID.

She has taught and lectured across the United States and has spent many years of her life working within the field of animal welfare, care, and rescue. She currently lives with her three cats in a warm home near family in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

(2011, paperback, 166 pages)