A Dignified Woman With No Reflection


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A Dignified Woman With No Reflection
by Sherry L. Price

Have you ever felt like you were different from your family and friends? Felt like everyone was happy but you? As a little girl growing up, it seemed like I was born into a cold, cloudy, dark, raining storm. The storm took over the sunlight, and it was like I was left in darkness. The darkness took over my happiness, joy, peace, love, gentleness, goodness, meekness, and temperance and tried to take my faith!

When I was about three years old, I loved looking in the mirror. I used to wonder what I was, who I was, and what I would become. I knew there was something very special about me, but the evil had my eyes blinduntil the day my eyes opened into the light. Im running, and I wont look back! My breath is limited, and my legs are weak. My heart says faster, but my feet wont move. Im exhausted, but I cant stop.

Perseverance wont allow me. I learned that in order to have perseverance, you have to have faith.

Being molested was one of the worst situations I have ever experienced. I wanted to give up, but having faith in God allowed me to have perseverance so I could carry on. I went through a lot as a child, and it caused me be afraid of the light. I preferred to stay in the darkness rather than face my life. The darkness tried to change my identity, but I am still a woman! It was hard at first. But I did not remain in that state of mind. I came to the light.

What is a woman? Is it her hair, her looks, or her body, or is it her clothes, her heart, or sex? No! She is all in one, a woman with no reflection. God put trials in your life to see how well you can overcome them. Having faith in God allows you to have perseverance. Just allow your eyes to look ahead and your hands to reach upward and keep your feet moving. Each heartbeat is a signal to push forward with perseverance. Push! Push! Look up! Never give up! Most of all, forgive so you can be free!

(2011, paperback, 42 pages)