A Drunk's Guide to Heaven


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A Drunk's Guide to Heaven
by Carol O'Sullivan

A Drunks Guide to Heaven is a true story based on the life of a woman who suffered from years of alcoholism. The book will guide you through her beginning years of alcohol abuse and her forty-year journey of incredible events that occurred during that time. Once you start with the first chapter, youll be captivated and want to keep reading the next chapter and then the next.

This book is not only a story of how a person can overcome alcohol addiction but how anyone suffering from physical abuse, drug addiction, rape, worry, and fear can find a new life free of pain and suffering.

Its never too late to turn your life around as you will find out in these pages written from the heart of a woman whos lived through it all and overcame the greatest obstacle in her life.

About the Author

The author of this book is a happy, healthy fifty-one-year-old woman who devotes her life to helping others overcome the obstacles they face. She still lives in southern Ohio with her husband of twenty-two years and has helped many people who thought there was no hope. Her mission in life is to give others the chance to experience the new life that is at their fingertips.

Help is on the way!

(2011, paperback, 48 pages)