A Family Together

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A Family Together
by Phyllis C. Osborne

A Family Together is the sequel to Home at Last. It begins with Jazz, an eight-year-old girl, waiting in her bedroom for her mother to return. They plan on flying back to their home in New Jersey. Jazz has fallen in love with ranch life and had hoped they could stay.

Jazz also loves the War Hawk family, who owns the Owl Creek Ranch. A Family Together introduces Sara Barrett, a widow with three children to raise. Sara is Jada War Hawks niece and works at a school on the Wind River Indian Reservation. She is studying to become a teacher.

Jake Keating has been transferred from an oil company in Oklahoma to the one on the Wind River Reservation. He rescues a dog and the dog rescues him. Rufus, the dog, encounters a grizzly bear. Jake boards with a game warden and his wife and takes on coaching the eight-year-old boys Little League baseball team.

About the Author:

Phyllis C. Osborne was raised as a little girl on the National Elk Refuge in Jackson, Wyoming. The family moved to Ashton, Idaho. Phyllis came back to Wyoming and taught at the Zenith School in rural Teton County, Wyoming. She also taught schools in Sublette, Sweetwater and Fremont Counties. She taught third grade at the Mill Creek School on the Wind River Reservation.

Osborne makes her home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

(2015, Paperback, 108 pages)