A Few Bricks Short

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A Few Bricks Short
by Jack Donner

Somebodies elevator doesnt go all the way to the top!! Says Argyle Soxx, Yukon Daily Gazette

Jack Donners butter has slipped off of his noodles!-quips Cook E. Cutter- Hampton-Gurth Press

FinallyA Book for all of us Intellectuals!! A real no-brainers!- claims Jerry Attrick, Montreal Oldtimer Weekly

Look up goofball in the dictionary and Mr. Donners picture will be next to it!- quotes Harry Southside, Proctologists Digest

Couldnt put it down!- screams Luther Sticky-Fingers Johanson, The Midtown Epoxy Journal

Good crapper reading- claims P. Huey Outhouse, Rocky Mountain Rag

(2012, paperback, 190 pages)