A Few More Thoughts

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A Few More Thoughts
by Justine E. Pea

Here ends a series. As in Thoughts, More Thoughts and now in A Few More Thoughts, Justine has presented observations, life's experiences and events in a clear and simple manner. Though no real answers or solutions to life's problems may be found within these pages, thoughts are presented that may encourage us to progress from day to day with, hopefully, a brighter outlook on life.

About the Author

At the tender age of seven, the gift of 200 Best Poems for Boys and Girls compiled by Marjorie Barrows was given to Justine by her mother. This began a life long love for poetry.

Justine began jotting down thoughts in high school and has continued to do so throughout the years.

Retirement allows much more time for Justine to jot down thoughts and write. Travel also provides material for writing.

(2012, paperback, 100 pages)