A Good Call: A New Philosophical Design

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A Good Call: A New Philosophical Design
by Barbara Davis

The author and problem-solver Barbara Davis presents well-researched, logical, workable, plausible, and probable solutions to the question of whether nature created itself or was created by God.

Influenced by the distinct difference between a material world where all things die and the existence of a Creator, we prefer to prove the existence of God. Miracles disprove a material world because miracles disprove the physical laws of nature. To account for our world it must be a VIRTUAL REALITY made to represent a material world.

Working with His imagination, God constructs the images of all matter at a location including any sensory and motion information occupying space, which is a non-material background along a stream of sequential present moments, during which one experiences with awareness Life. In another manner, God is able to share any experience with others.

With matchless perseverance, Davis finds the many missing facts which God would require to create a civilization. The loving relationships between God and others and between the others motivate God to produce as a work of art the Book of Life. It is becoming a whale of a success. Plan for Heaven. Grow in self-respect, respect for others and respect for our awesome God.

(2015, Paperback, 200 pages)