A Grotesque Panorama of the Disemboweled Sunset


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A Grotesque Panorama of the Disemboweled Sunset
by J.L. Tripp

This is a collection of works created between 1995 and the present. The original version was titled The Demons Soul: One with Three Inverted Sixes (or 1999) and was primarily poetic. The title A Grotesque Panorama of the Disemboweled Sunset has two very different meanings. The first is the more obvious, the visual aspect: a panoramic view of one wicked sunset. The other is more symbolic and often difficult to explain to be fully understood. Quite simply, though, I am the sunset, and the book is the panoramic image of myself uncharacteristically placing my inner workings on display. I prefer to remain in the shadows.

About the Author

J. L. Tripp was born on July 16, 1975, in Denver, Colorado, and raised on the Tripp Ranch in Golden, Colorado. A Colorado Institute of Art graduate, eccentric visual artist, aspiring novelist, and filmmaker, Mr. Tripp began a journey into the literary arts through music as a guitarist writing lyrics for a metal band. From lyrics poetry developed, and eventually so did short stories.

Originally inspired to write because there was something inside wanting out, I now turn to writing to capture the visions that exist within.

(2009, paperback, 108 pages)