A Guide to the Fountain of Youth

ISBN: 978-0-8059-9604-3
by Dr. Leo Marcus In A Guide to the Fountain of Youth, Dr. Leo Marcus has compiled an encyclopedia of longevity research selected from the published finding of outstanding scientists, whose work was funded by organizations and wealthy individuals seeking the Fountain of Youth. The medical material is from publications and books used by doctors. Dr. Marcuss interest in longevity research began when he realized that he was the members of his family were rarely ill and all lived to be over ninety. He decided to find out why and impart his findings to all who are interested. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Ninety-five years young and in perfect health, Dr. Leo Marcus presently lives in Florida, the ideal place to question the elderly who seem young and healthy. A former assistant professor at the College of Medicine and Dentistry of the State of New Jersey, Dr. Marcus believes he is the only living graduate of his class at Tufts University. In World War II, he was a major on an invasion hospital ship for four years as a maxillo-facial surgeon. His literary contributions include three chapters from books published by the International Foundation of Benefit Plans, two articles in scientific journals, and his numerous adult-education lectures. (2005, paperback, 122 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.