A Hat in a Tree

A Hat in a Tree
by Jean Henning

Jean Henning worked as a secretary and a teacher in the elementary grades until her children Ron and Susan arrived. She is also a water safety instructor and worked in the summer months with her husband teaching swimming. She swam with a synchronize team in competitions and coached synchro.

Dr. Henning, a dentist and former outstanding swimmer for the U.S. became involved in Illinois swimming as an official. He was moved into National and International swimming by the U.S. Olympic committee. Eventually he became President of the Panamerican swimming federation and then the International Swimming Federation. Because of his involvment we traveled a great deal to meetings and Olympic Games where Dr. Henning was directing all the aquatic events.

Jean wrote a book about the inner events of the games called "A Sports Odyssey" a journal of an Olympic wife, and "Six Days to Swim" The story of Olympic swimmer Jeff Farrell. She has also published poetry in various magazines as well as leaving a few poems in Yugaslovia and Russia. Born and raised in Naperville, Illinois she now lives on Marco Island, Fl.

(2012, hardcover, 30 pages)