A Life: The Tragic Effects of One


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A Life: The Tragic Effects of One
by Colleen Stouder

Have you ever asked the question why? Why did this happen? Why did God allow it? Why didnt He stop it? Are you angry and yet afraid to question God, for fear of eternitya fear that has your heart and mind in bondagea fear that keeps you lost between Truth and deception?

A Life will take you on a powerful journey of discovery and Truth, through the eyes of Jane. The journey will bring you to the shocking reality of the natural world in which we live and the supernatural world that encompasses it all. Along the way, deception meets Truth and the answers to the questions are revealed, leaving Jane with a choice, the biggest decision shell ever make

A Life is about a woman chained to her past and barely surviving in the present, which has caused deep emotion, fear, and anger with God. A dialog begins between Jane and God as bitterness and anger toward Him consume her. Only He can look into her heart and reveal Himself as He helps her understand what really happened when her innocence was stolen and why the tragic effects of that time have continued to plague her life. A Life shows how one mans abusive behavior had a ripple effect that literally altered the course of A LifeJanes life.

About the Author

Colleen Stouder is a wife and a mother of five. She has traveled within the United States and abroad, motivating others to not allow anything, including their past, keep them from reaching their potential and fulfilling the destiny God has for their lives. Colleen has experienced firsthand the power of God, who can take the wounded and abused and bring total and complete healing to their lives. She has overcome many personal trials in her lifetime and is passionate about getting this message of hope to the world.

Colleen has written a curriculum called Live Free to help others teach through scriptural insight the Healing Power of God. This curriculum, when applied, will help people live free, full, and productive lives. For more information about Colleen and materials available, you can go to her website at www.Livefree2.com.

This book was inspired by the lives of several people but mainly told through the eyes of one.

(2011, paperback, 126 pages)