A Lifetime of Poetry

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A Lifetime of Poetry
by James Lofy

James P. Lofy began writing poetry and short stories as a hobby. He writes about his lifes personal experiences. James parents were practicing alcoholics. Both of them were not concerned about the quality of care in the household they were too wrapped up in the disease of alcoholism. James mother was found dead on her bathroom floor, dying addicted to drugs and alcohol. It is not clear if James father sobered up before his death.

During this time, James was fighting his own demons. He dropped out of school. He was in emotional and mental ruins and became addicted to prescription drugs.

Finally, James was diagnosed as manic-depressive in his early twenties. He was placed on Lithium, a mood-stabilizing drug that helped him mange his highs and lows. He founded a self-help support group, The Mood Exchange, for those who suffered like he did. He was employed as an executive director of a mental health agency for fourteen years before he retired.

As you travel inside James world of poetry, you can see what he was feeling. This book is about relationships and love. The author writes from the heart and hopes to inspire and touch the lives of those who cross his path.

About the Author: James P. Lofy was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on January 4, 1955. He has two children.

(2015, Paperback, pages)