A Light in the Dark - Misplaced Hatred

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A Light in the Dark - Misplaced Hatred

by Rachel Hatherly
This novel is set in the future in a new society that has evolved following World War III, where the decisions of the few affect the lives of the majority. Three cultures remain who all hate each other. With the discovery of a fresh source of fuel, and its ownership up for debate, World War IV is now hanging in the balance.

The story centres around a young white man called Rick, living in a black dominated area, where the white man is classed as a sub-human and has no rights. It tells of his battles just to survive in a world where dictatorship fear and deep racial hatred dominate, and it also relates his own personal battles including the breakdown of his family and the betrayal by those he loves.

Ricks life takes many twists and turns, but ultimately he is taken to a crossroads in his life which will determine the fate of not only himself but the rest of his family. Only Rick can decide which path to take

About the Author

Rachel Hatherly is a British lady living in the West Midlands, famous for the manufacture of carpets. From as far back as she can remember she has always had a passion for stories. She has written many things over the years, including sketches and plays, which have been performed at her local church, and childrens stories. Hatherly decided to fulfil her life ambition of writing a novel. It has been an enjoyable experience and hopefully readers will enjoy reading it as much as she has enjoyed writing it.

(2013, Paperback, 82 pages)