A Lively Legislative Life

ISBN: 978-0-8059-9670-8
by Jeff Douthwaite This is about an elected state representative for nine years in the swinging seventies. Jeff Douthwaite relates those tumultuous times: victories, defeats, jokes, characters, ideas, strategies, tricks, opinions, and philosophies. You might even learn how to win an election! And to go forth and do Gods work as you see it, which is what the author dida little R&R on the side was also enjoyed. His fellow legislators, lobbyists, and staff are characters full of fun, bills, and mischief, too. Perhaps A Lively Legislative Life will help good people run and win elections. Goodness knows we need them. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jeff Douthwaite is a liberal, a retired engineer, and an engineering professorbut wait! Not all engineers are that dull. In politics, almost anything goes and, some would add, almost anything gets elected! Worse yet, gets re-elected. Jeff was lucky and doesnt mind bringing a little humor into politics because good humor is what keeps the wheels turning and legislators from punching each other. Many of the legislators and lobbyists discussed here are characters and quite funny, which is what helped him stay somewhat sane. As Jeffs Japanese student once said, Good ruck in your next erection. Jeff seconds that. (2005, paperback, 152 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.