A Man Overboard


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A Man Overboard
by Atanas Stoychev

You do not know me. I do not know you, too. This book is a chance to meet each other.

I have always felt literature as an adiitional sense which drowses inside us, till it crosses our minds to wake it up, rock it in order to see what we have been so long blind to.

Each fact of life can be a subject of literature, the problem is why and how you reveal it. You should choose out of life what still a secret is.

I am ready to tell you my stories. And I would be glad if you decide to hear them. Then, we shall meet aboard.

The Author

About the Author

Bulgarian author and playwright Atanas Stoychev was born in a pretty town on the Black Sea coast. He graduated from a naval academy and sailed on board the ships of a merchant and fishing fleet.

He professes the maxim, ascribed to Vincent van Gogh, that it is preferable to draw a human eye rather than a cathedral. He is a stranger to the superficial plots and the seascape picturesqueness. He scrutinizes the movements of the human soul, where real dramas are enacted, passions rage, and the erotic scenes followed by an unadulterated lyricism and purifying sadness. His short stories are impregnated with brilliant irony and sympathy for his characters.

(2010, paperback, 186 pages)