A Manual and Devotional for Sunday School Teachers

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A Manual and Devotional for Sunday School Teachers
by G. Davis Dean Jr.

In an overabundance of Sunday School curricula and teacher agendas, the author presents a study that is unique. Rather than contributing to the body of lesson materials, G. Davis Dean Jr.s focus is upon the nature of Sunday School teaching itself.

Understanding the nature of Sunday School teaching comes about as each teacher learns to appreciate his place of service within the congregation as an extension of the Christian congregations teaching ministry. But the nature of such teaching and the role of the Sunday School teacher is also as one who has opportunity to promote the social cohesion of a vital portion of the congregation. Such realization in turns shapes his care and concern for the lesson material he presents to the children of his class in support for the faithful parents who send them.

Mr. Deans subsequent approach to teaching and class management is both theological and practical. But that does not mean his approach becomes reduced to mere formulae, method or technique. Rather, there is a recognition that beyond the pre-prepared weekly Sunday School lesson, the best teaching presentation is also the one adapted to meet the needs of his particular class. In this book, there is espoused a firm reliance upon the guidance of the Holy Spirit who comes by scriptural study, lesson preparation and prayer.

About the Author:

G. Davis Dean Jr. is a graduate of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana, with a Master of Arts in Religion (1996). He has almost seventeen years of practical Sunday School teaching experience; most of it was as a member of St. Pauls Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne.

Mr. Dean has two other works published with RoseDog including The Revelation of Jesus Christ: The Cross and Crown of Our Lord (2009) and Tithes and Offerings: Perspectives on Christian Giving (2014).

(2016, Paperback, 146 pages)