A Manual on How to Get in the Game (& Win): Life as I See It and My Advice to You

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A Manual on How to Get in the Game (& Win): Life as I See It and My Advice to You
by Carolyn M. Gilliard "ThaSweetB"

A Manual on How to Get in the Game (& Win) is a book that explains an outlook on life that someone can use to better aide them in their success in it. Development of this strategy allows for people to take their emotions out of it, or at least the unhealthy ones, leaving them a choice in what emotions they do and don't want to feel because the colors of emotions can be blinding if you allow them. However, should you come at life in the same manner as you do games, you can enjoy yourself living life just as you enjoy playing games. When you're playing a game, you will not allow for the game to affect your life to the point that you have lost control of it. A game is just a game. It's not meant to be stressful. It's meant to be enjoyed. It's meant for you to use your brain so you can use skill and strategy to figure it out.

Carolyn has figured out a way to tie the two together, and in doing so, it has helped her along her journey to success. This book is for anyone who could use another real, working method or approach to be successful in their lives.

About the Author

Carolyn M. Gilliard ThaSweetB resides in Los Angeles, California. Carolyn has survived battles of back-to-back (or so it feels like), intense hardship and challenges by facing her challenges and accepting them for what they are. Because she made the conscious decision to no longer allow them to overwhelm her or stress her to her death, she was able to take her emotions out of it all and truly see everything for what it is and respond to life strategically and creatively.

Carolyn hopes to be able to help anyone who can take something from her views and use it to aide themselves into better days. Her personal message to her readers is Do Not Allow Yourselves To Be Taken Out of the Game. Play the Game! Win the Game!

(2012, paperback, 38 pages)