A Mocking Parody

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A Mocking Parody
by Adriane A. Tesfay

Through the perils of Mr. Victor Seagule, author Adriane A. Tesfay exhibits a multitude of creative imagination. Mr. Seagule, an eccentric Nazi multibillionaire, takes the reader on a ride of emotions, sometimes hysterical and other times horrific.

Mr. Seagule has discovered the literary field is something that he monumentally excels at. Yet, the way in which he decides to pursue his working staff by gaining their trust and his own notoriety is shady and perhaps wicked. He uses several techniques that lead to the murder of almost all staff members and eventually his own demise. It is a harrowing venture that one of his ex-staff members discovers the duplicitous Mr. Seagules secret while he occupies himself in his beloved greenhouse.

Tesfay guides the reader on an audacious path of discovery and adventure. A Mocking Parody is a remarkable read that will leave the reader on a perplexing trail of discovery. Page after page is yet another miraculous adventure. It is several stories within a larger story. It gives the reader an astonishing glance at the brilliant Mr. Seagules world.

About the Author:

Adriane A. Tesfay is a black American. As an English major she has attended Cardinal Stretch College and Baton Rouge Community College. She has been writing all her life. The first work she has done was in grade school for the school newspaper. Her work has appeared in American Poetry Anthology 1983 and a piece on MSN.

Tesfay is married to a great guy. She is the mother of two sons and grandmother to four. Her family has given her great inspiration. Her husband stirs and motivates the best in her. She has an amazing talent and enjoys every second of it.

(2016, Paperback, 436 pages)