A Mother's Cry

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A Mother's Cry
by Carla L. Carter

A Mothers Cry is about a mother whose only child was gunned down in the streets.

Read about the life of this young man, who was raised with his mother and father in a good home. But he was caught up in the streets and violence. Mothers, we can get through this with the strength of God. He gives power to the weak, and those who have no might, he increases in strength.

You dont have to live a depressed life; you can overcome this trauma. This book was written straight from the heart. Lift your head up and live a victorious life. You cannot get through this, not with your own strength; you have to rely on Gods strength. You have to trust God and have faith and allow Him to carry you through this.

This book is to help anyone who lost loved ones. This book is not just for mothers. I pray this will be an inspiration to your life.

About the Author

I am a woman of God. Im a member of Lighthouse Cathedral Church of Pittsburgh. I have a wonderful loving husband, a loving mother, three sisters, two stepsons, and a beautiful granddaughter.

(2012, paperback, 40 pages)