A Mother's Touch


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A Mother’s Touch
By: Waldo Theus

About the Book
Where would we be without our mothers, the loving women who not only gave us life, but who took care of us as babies? Our mothers were unknown during our birth and childhood, challenged during our teenage years, and as the years passed we miss her dearly now that she has left this world to be with our loved ones and God.

In A Mother’s Touch, Waldo Theus talks about a son and family that not only showed love and respect to their mother while she lived, but honored her every wish during her illness and death. The letters in Theus’ book are written to his sister, mother, father, wife, and friends. These letters talk about their mother’s love and sacrifices for her family. His mother’s touch allowed him to say to her family and loved ones what she wanted to say before she left.

About the Author
For the past fourteen years Waldo Theus has worked as a building engineer while attending Eastfield College. After accepting his current position as a building engineer, he met Tina Jenkins, the wife God and his mother wanted him to share his life with. After five years of marriage, their love for each other is as strong today as it was nine years ago when they worked together.

(2017, Paperback, 188 pages)