A Plot to Murder at Butterfly Creek

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A Plot to Murder at Butterfly Creek
by Addie Boyle

This book is about a young black girl. At the age of eighteen she falls in love with a rich married white man who is a lot older. The girls parents do not approve of her dating a married man. The parents are very upset and disappointed that their daughter didnt go to college to fulfill her dream of becoming a criminal lawyer.

The young girl goes to work for her boyfriend as a cashier in one of his grocery stores. The young girl becomes pregnant and has a baby girl. Two years into the relationship the young girl realizes her mistake of dating a married man. She decided to break up with him and go back to college to become a criminal lawyer. But the mans wife learns about the relationship that her husband was having. The wife decides to murder the young girl.

The rich white man finally comes into the life of his child. The mans love for his mixed race child is beautiful.

Addie Boyle was born in Somerville, TN, to Albert and Mary Boyle. She is the seventh of eleven children. She finished high school in 1972 at Fayette Ware High School. She was voted Most Friendly of her senior class.

Ms. Boyle worked for the state of Tennessee for thirty years as a physical therapist technician. She retired in 2008.

Ms. Boyle is a Christian and loves going to church. She believes strongly in the power of prayer. She loves family gatherings, especially during the holiday season. She loves her family and she believes that family and friends are precious gifts. She believes that every life moment should be cherished with thanks. She believes that people should enjoy life and enjoy living because yesterday cant be relived. Tomorrow is a mystery.

Today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.

(2013, paperback, 210 pages)