A Pregnant Cloud

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A Pregnant Cloud
by Delores J. Howard

The ministry has taken Delores and her husband, Hugh, to several states over the years, and this has garnered them a great pool of succulent resources to draw from. Real people in real situations have inspired so many of the poems in A Pregnant Cloud. A wide range of topics are covered, so there is plenty to help and encourage you and those you love.

Also, theres a rich Biblical study on each page that is suitable for personal use or small groups. A lesson is contained in each poem and scriptures are included for every one of them. Perhaps you will be able to find other appropriate scriptures that would complement the verse.

This book, indeed, is a ministry in poetry. Oh, savor the blessing in every poem!

About the Author

Hugh and Delores J. Howard were high school sweethearts. They will be married 44 years on September 27, 2012.

They began their ministry with three young children in tow, and several years ago Hugh attended the Sunset School of Preaching (renamed Sunset International Bible Institute) in Lubbock, TX. All of their children are now grown, and Delores and Hugh are the proud grandparents of five little ones (three of which are triplets).

The author has much in common with Ms. Helen Steiner Rice in the sense that they both honor the Lord with their poetry. However, Ms. Rices poetry is very sweet and sentimental, whereas the authors poetry has a decidedly unique flavor. Hers is a bit spicier, a challenge to the palate of the mind, heart, and soul.

(2012, paperback, 212 pages)