A Test of Faith: Book One

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A Test of Faith: Book One
by Shirley Macbeth

After catching her husband cheating on her, Sue leaves with her two daughters to find a better life. This act is not easy with the years of being taught divorce is never the answer. Sue risks being ostracized by her family in order to protect her daughters, and herself, from any further harm. Sue never expects to find love while breaking all the rules.

The outcast will be seen to grow in faith and courage by those who used her flaws against her. A Test of Faith brings a story about fighting against public scrutiny and having the strength to want something more substantial.

About the Author:

Shirley Macbeth was born in 1951 to a strict Irish Catholic family in New South Wales, Australia. She is the mother of four children and has worked as secretary for the Australian Federal Police. She retired to a country town in Queensland with her second husband where she volunteers for The Salvation Army and takes part in a writers group. She enjoys knitting, gardening, and reading, which is her main love.

(2016, Paperback, 138 pages)