A Treatise


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A Treatise
by James T. Allen

The author has previously established himself with RoseDog Books by publishing his biographical life experience and Love of Tent Camping, from Key West, Florida, north to Gaspe in Canada, and then westward to Alaska. He titled this 81 Years Nurturing a Nomadic Lifestyle.

Now the authors A Treatise takes the reader on a historic meandering discourse of events that incrementally cemented a boatload of new immigrants, or fragmented colonists in 1620 into one constitutional republic of 50 separate and equal states now called the United States of America, with a written constitution. Which all loyal patriots continue to take an oath to perpetuate and defend, the author details here in where he raised his right hand in World War II and agreed to do just that.

He participated in some of the trials and tribulations that made the USA the greatest country in the world, with the contribution of million of like-minded Americans of his generation, they made America the envy of the world since the seventeen hundreds. The world was able to draw on its reserve and manpower, military, farm products, ingenuity, and our capitalistic banking system as their situationas warranted. However, in all cultures there are despotic segments of its society who are loyal to nothing but the personal weath and power they amass, and then its change the society that allowed them to prosper.

(2011, paperback, 96 pages)