A Tree So Tall

ISBN: 978-0-8059-9776-7
by Pamela Grantson This true story set in New Mexico during the 1970s follows the lives of two people whose relationship scandalized their town and challenged the cultural, racial, and social norms of the times. Paige is an ambitious high-school senior, but the scope of her life experience is narrowed by the ranch she lives on outside of a rural Southwestern town. By a simple twist of fate, a new teacher emerges who will show her that life is about dreams. Against all odds, the two of them form a bond that small-town gossip and racial tension cannot deny. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Pamela Grantson was born and raised in New Mexico. When she was a child, her family worked on cattle ranches throughout the state, from the western border edging the Indian reservations to the open prairies in the east. Many of her experiences are drawn from her life on the ranches, which some now idealize as the traditional "old west" cowboy life. Her stories are flavored with colorful Southwest town characters and insights from the rural life in which she was raised. She is now the loving mother of four grown children, with whom she shares the stories of her past as she enjoys her life in a multicultural family. (2005, paperback, 260 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.