About Premortal Existence

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About Premortal Existence
by Helen C. Hafen

The Bible contains information about premortal existence and how Jesus was selected to create the material world on the instruction of Heavenly Father.

This book also shows how Mormonism and Hinduism have additional scriptures that support the Holy Bible.

This is an excellent book to teach individuals about Mormonism doctrines of premortal existence from a Hindu point of view.

This book is also designed to teach Hindus about the Christian and Mormon teachings that can be found in the Shri Brahma Samhita: a sacred book of the Hindu world that was guarded by Aryan priests since the religion was formed. That book is quoted with parenthesis around notes explaining the Christian terms of the text quoted.

Because of this, About Premortal Existence will make an excellent missionary book to the Hindu World.

About the Author:

Helen C. Hafen was born in Las Vegas and has studied numerous religions since she was eight years old. The main focus of her research has been the creation and the similarities in creation stories found in all religions.

In 1998 Helen started studying Mormonism and Hinduism and found that Hinduism had an intense library of books to be read. Being handicapped since 1994 from an on the job injury, it was very difficult for her to do the research which normally would have taken her probably two years to complete.

Because Helen is handicapped, she cannot serve on a mission to India to share the gospel with Hindus, so she hopes this book will fulfill her missionary desires.

(2016, Paperback, 30 pages)