About the Author Within


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About the Author Within
by Leroy Gray, Jr.

About the Author Within, by Leroy Gray, Jr., is the fascinating account of the authors life and challenges in succinct form. A deeply spiritual man, Mr. Gray has long been captivated by elements of witchcraft and the occult. Feeling an uncommon connection with forces of an unknown but powerful nature, the author endeavors to understand the origins of these elements.

In a vision, the author describes the appearance of an attractive woman approaching, Bible in hand and bearing a cross, who provides insight into Christianity. Struggling to merge the aspects of religion with his own pursuits and beliefs, the author attempts to traverse the divide that has developed within.

Composed primarily in a compelling narrative, the text flows at a brisk tempo that should maintain the readers interest throughout. While not vast in volume, the work effectively represents the essence of the author and accurately portrays his perspectives.

Leroy Grays ability to present his spiritual knowledge in an engaging manner further enhances the appeal of his work.

(2010, paperback, 30 pages)