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by Henry "Ace" Hathaway
edited by Ida Frances Traxler

A young Southern Lieutenant of Artillery relates his engrossing experiences directing artillery through the mountainous villages of Italy, describing the fall of Monte Cassino, being in the vanguard of the freeing of Roma, residing in a villa near Florence and, after pushing the Germans northward, landing in the south of France. From there his units supported infantry as they pushed the Germans past the Siegfried Line and on to VE Day. Along the way, he earned the Silver Star for gallantry in France. In places sad and poignant, in others humorous, laced with romantic episodes on R and R in liberated Paris and during the Occupation, Ace is a true account of one of our finest generations war experiences.

About the Author

Henry Hathaway, a young man in Savannah known to his friends as Ace, was mustered into the Army as a National Guardsman in 1940. During the ensuing war years, he served as a Lieutenant of Artillery in Sicily, Italy, France, Austria, and Germany, coming home as the recipient of the Silver Star. After receiving his degree in journalism at the University of Georgia, he became a reporter and wrote his war memoirs as an autobiographical novel. After his death in 1994, his sister had his manuscript, Ace, published in a limited edition for family and friends. Now it has been published for a wider audience.

(2010, paperback, 350 pages)