Acting from Spiritual Reality

by David Kay In Acting from Spiritual Reality, David Kay has collected articles first published in occult and Pagan magazines, for the time has for them to receive a wider readership. They have implications that go beyond magic and the Pagan movement. The philosophy is derived from the matriarchal religion Lux Madriana, which taught a method of contemplative action working from the principle that God is female. The philosophy taught that the heart of the Creatrix is pure intellect in which all things are known in perfection. These articles explain how action is a feminine quality and that femininity is logical and active. ABOUT THE AUTHOR David Kay comes from a political background and became involved in the political agitations of the 1960s, including an attempt to occupy the American Embassy in London, but he soon came into conflict with the determination of the Radical Left to control all social issues. Mysticism seemed to provide deeper explanations, but he soon decided that the belief that spiritual development comes from the rejection of reason was an excuse for violence. David Kay eventually discovered the teachings of Lux Madriana, which explained all the things he wanted to know. In this volume, he attempts to bring what he knows of the teachings into the open. (2004, paperback, 68 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.