Age is Only a Number


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Age is Only a Number
by Katherine Hargreaves

This book is a true love story. The book is about a six-year-old boy from Peru who had to work three jobs to support himself and his mother. He moved to Canada and a few years later met an older woman and fell in love. She fell equally in love with him. They endured indifferences from family and society, but their love stayed strong.

This book shows that age is only a number, no matter if it concerns a young boy losing his childhood to work for his family or a love between two people of different age and culture.

About the Author

I was born outside Niagara Falls, Canada. I am the third child of seven: three brothers and three sisters. I have lived a good life and my own true happiness has kept me young. I had everything I ever wanted in life and lost it all five years ago, when my husband died of cancer. I never thought I would ever find love again in someone my age. My husbands dying words to me were that I would meet and be with a younger man and be happy. I did meet that younger man and my husbands words have come true.

(2010, paperback, 320 pages)