Aja & Zola


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Aja & Zola
by Dennis Potvin

Travel back in time to a land of kings and queens, of princesses and their pet sidekicks, of wizards and sorcerers.

You have entered the world of Aja & Zola, an original fairytale set in the Congo of the 1800s.

Princess Aja believes she is the only heir to her fathers kingdom and that she will, one day, rule over it. But when an evil sorceress threatens to destroy it, Aja must travel deep into the heart of darkness to find the sister she never knew, hoping that, together, they may defeat evil and restore peace to their kingdom.

About the Author

Dennis Potvin has been married for ten years to his wife, Lisa, and together they have two daughters. A graduate of the University of Michigan, he has written the feature film screenplays Warpath, The Hidden Treasure of Roman Edwards, and Empress of China. He has also worked for fifteen years in the automotive industry in Michigan.

He is currently finishing his next book, titled The Princess and the Cowboy.

(2010, paperback, 44 pages)