All Natural Cooking the Way It Should Be

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All Natural Cooking the Way it Should Be

by Teresa Thompson

All Natural Cooking the Way It Should Be is a special cookbook written by Teresa Thompson, who suffers from allergies from the chemicals in food. This book is filled with all natural recipes, helpful hints, and suggestions.

This book will help anyone who is suffering from allergic reactions to food additives and who, like the author, just wants to eat all natural and stay healthy.

About the Author

Teresa Thompson learned to cook at an early age as she was the third child from a family of eleven children. Finding herself allergic to the chemical additives in food as she got older, she resorted to cooking all natural. Ms. Thompson was inspired to share her experiences and recipes, to help others who may suffer from these chemical additives.

Ms. Thompson is a resident of Michigan. She and her husband enjoy traveling and they have traveled through the fifty states, six Canadian Provinces, and several regions of Central and South America.

(2013, Paperback, 226 pages)