All Women Are Not the Same


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All Women Are Not the Same
by E. V. Winslow

It is hard enough to live in a world that has its problems, to think that we could escape them by being females. No matter how you are raised, you always get the beatdown.

I have beaten the odds along with my three friends, Dina, Angela, and Lisa. My name is Ebony. Our struggles from childhood to womanhood, through poverty, abuse, insecurity, or just pure lack of love, will be explored. It is through our struggles and the life experiences of others that we survived, making us the women we are today. While our stories may be similar to many of yours, they definitely are not the same. Starting from such young tender years, our growth into womanhood is explored. The pictures we each paint in our stories will be relived in you as the reader. Each one of us will shed light on how we transformed our lives from young girls to full-grown woman escaping our past livesor did we? Are we phenomenal in our approach of beating the odds?

About the Author

E. V. Winslow resides in the Washington Metropolitan Area with her husband of six years and her two sons. She is known for being a hard-working woman with a determined spirit. While she loves to travel, she also enjoys her family time. Her passion for writing developed while attending college at the University of Phoenix, where she discovered her writing style. She received so much encouragement from her family and friends that she was inspired to debut her first novel, All Women Are Not the Same, in 2009.

(2010, paperback, 112 pages)