Alley Oopsey Takes a Stand Against Bullying

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Alley Oopsey Takes a Stand Against Bullying
by Terry Drolet

The author wanted to find a fun way to bring awareness about bullying. Every adult can remember being bullied on the playground as a child. But in this age of technology and social media, it has gone beyond teasing on the playground to one of the leading causes of suicide among teens. The author hopes that this story will inspire children to be compassionate to others and stand up against bullying.

About the Author:

Terry Drolet was born and raised in Texas. Currently she resides in Euless, Texas. She is single with a twenty-year-old son. She comes from a large family and has four sisters and two brothers. She is a fraternal twin. Terry has worked in the mortgage industry for more than twenty years. Currently she works for Veterans United Home Loans as an underwriter, helping our countrys heroes achieve their dream of home ownership.

(2016, Paperback, 30 pages)