All's Revolution


by Stephen W. P. Erdle Stephen Hawking, in his best-selling book A Brief History of Time, claimed that philosophers have not kept up with the advances in science. Stephen W.P. Erdle, Ph.D. in Alls Revolution presents a thought-provoking psychological and philosophical alternative to Stephen Hawkings description of the universe, expressed as a commentary on the Confucian classic The Great Learning. Intriguing and subtle, his book will stimulate readers to explore the wonders of life and the cosmos. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Born in Toronto, Canada, Stephen W.P. Erdle received his Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Western Ontario in 1986 and joined the faculty of Arts and Social Science at Huron University College in London, Canada, where he is currently an associate professor in the Department of Psychology. He has been published in several professional psychological journals. Dr. Erdle lives with his wife Nancy and their three cats. They enjoy music, yoga, and quiet contemplation in their spare time. (2002, paperback, 32 pages)