Alpha = Omega: Further Proofs and Papers on Harmony Theory

ISBN: 978-0-8059-8715-7
by Evan Olsen This book is the continuation of the ideas expressed in Harmony Theory with greater emphasis on mathematical proof of alpha equals omega. This is in terms of grand unified theory of space-time being a quantized geodesic oscillator or circle map. It shows super conducting Josephson junction proof, geodesic proof, and new gravity proof as well as a continuation of DNA, a strange attractor, and its relation to space-time, the golden mean, and perhaps a cure for cancer. Essentially this book is a much more developed argument for Harmony Theory than its predecessor. The main topic of this book is space-time alpha equals omega redefinition. This book is proof of mass-energy conversion and time travel with the mathematical explanation of life! ABOUT THE AUTHOR Evan Olsen is in the middle of a second degree in specialization in physics and has a bachelor of science degree. He has been interested in physics ever since he was a kid. He came up with the idea of Harmony Theory when he was in his first degree in biochemistry class. Evan Olsen enjoys martial arts, movies, running, and cross-country skiing. He is the eldest of two children. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. (2007, paperback, 58 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.