Alpine Rose: I am a Victor

by Rita Melton She is ever smiling and laughing as she goes. With a twinkle in her eye and a spring in her step, she is ever ready with quick wit, a helping hand, or a delightful experience from her past. She dresses so nicely that no one would ever know she stepped out of a secondhand store and lives on disability. Everyone who meets her thinks she could never have had a hard day in her life. But nowadays she prefers to be called Rose because she has risen above domestic violence of great magnitude. Many people have been helped by short experiences from her past and have asked that she publish her autobiography. Even in potential future danger to herself, she has chosen to publish her past so others can come to understand that no one needs to live in domestic violence. Her book lets people know that no one has to remain a victim. Her book has also given others the power to overcome abuse. You are about to embark on the roller-coaster voyage of the life of Alpine Rose. In her fifty-two years of life, Rose has experienced periods of peaceful contentment blown apart by periods of violence of unusual magnitude, heartache, and being left for dead. Read how she rebuilds her life without the aid of a family. Rose has published her life in an effort to shed light into your life. I have lived my past.
I have written and learned from my past
so you can read and learn from my past
while I now live my present
and plan my future. (2007, paperback, 590 pages)
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