AM 10 to July


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AM 10 to July
by Annette Meyer

Take care what you plac before a mirror; like a child, a mirror is a copycat.
They both work in reverse; tell a child to stand up, and the child will sit down.
In a mirror, what you see is on the left, but in fact, it is on the right.
A mirror can see around corners; children and older folks cannot.
Seated in a chair, or spread upon a divan,
People can do what no mirror can.
People can dream.
About the Author

The paintings in this book by Annette Meyer have been captured on paper by the application of pens and brushes dipped in opaque watercolors, colorful inks, or extracts of gold and silver metals.

About five hundred or more paintings and prints of the work of A Meyer are in private and public collections, including the Graduate School of the City University of New York and the College of New Jersey. The Hunter College Libraries in New York City, in their Special Collections Division, has an extensive selection of original works on paper by this painter, along with color prints, slides of oil paintings, and biography.

Other books of paintings on paper by Annette Meyer, which are available for purchase from RoseDog Books, include Gray Daze, Close Up, and Inside/Outside.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)
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