Ambassador Tiki: Living Large and Loving It!

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Ambassador Tiki: Living Large and Loving It!
by Sue Evelyn McLaurin

This is another delightful story about Tiki, a little cat that was rescued after wandering around the Chesapeake Bay area and adopted by a loving mother. This story continues to describe Tikis relationship with his mother as they go through triumphs and challenges in an attempt to stay together. Ambassador Tiki: Living Large and Loving It! follows Tiki from a warm and comforting environment to a lonely, isolated new place and then to a reunion with his mother and a lasting new lifestyle that fits him like a diplomat. Oh Tiki, you are so loved!

About the Author

Sue McLaurin has continued writing about her daughters relationship with her cat, Tiki. This is her second book about Tiki. Ms. McLaurin, a retired pediatric physical therapist who lives in Durham, North Carolina, has always liked working with children and listening to them interact and describe their experiences. As she observed Tiki and her daughter interacting, she wanted to capture the essence of their relationship and how humans and animals connect and form lasting unions. She writes about a love that is mutual and unconditional.

(2012, paperback, 44 pages)