An Appreciation and English Translation of One Hundred Chinese Cis during the Tang and Song Dynasties

ISBN: 978-0-8059-9008-9
by Kezhang Liu This book is based on about thirty articles the author published in China and abroad and represents his fifteen-year utmost effort. The marked features of this book are as follows: 1. The author happily blends artistic appreciation, translating theory, translating skills, and rich experiences with English translations; he also attaches Chinese phonetic letters. Such a version is unique not only in China, but also throughout the world. It is similar to a teaching textbook, especially applicable to students, translators, native Chinese, and readers who love Chinese poetry and literature. Reading it will give you a key to the poets' artistic conceptions while allowing you to savor the great artistic appeal of the Chinese cis. 2. The author submits new translating theories and methods. For example: harmonious unification of the "fives senses of beauty" (the sense of beauty in artistic flavor, form, rhythm, style, and literary language), contextual effect, vague translating method, etc. 3. The author collects his significant accomplishments in the translation of Chinese cis. This is a good textbook example of translating classical poetry into English. The artistic results produced by harmonious unification of the "five senses of beauty" in the author's English translations are equivalent to that of the originals. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Kezhang Liu graduated from the Institute of Russian Language of P.L.A. in 1955. He is a senior translator, the former editor-in-chief of the journal Heavy Machinery, was an honorary council member of the Translators' Association of Shaanxi, China, and is a member of Shaanxi Evaluation Committee of Translators' Professional Titles. He engaged in translation of sci-tech books until 1958 and published thirty articles about theory and skills in poetic and sci-tech translation. More than sixty of his compiled sci-tech articles are published in twenty sci-tech journals in China. He compiled two sci-tech books published before 1986 in cooperation with other writers. He also published many translations from Russian, English, Japanese, and German. In addition, he has published three articles about psychology, prose, poems and Chinese paintings. After retiring, he studied Chinese painting for four years in Xian University for seniors. (2006, paperback, 286 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.