An Eagle View II

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An Eagle View II

by Joseph Stelle

Joseph L. Steele was born in the original Germantownship in Philadelphia in 1960. Germantowns 330th anniversary is in October of 2013.

Steele started his school experience at John Wister Elementary, then Clarence E Pickett Middle School, and he graduated from Martin Luther King High School. From there he attended a few trade schools.

He considers himself to be someone who has respect for himself and others. Steele prides himself in helping people as well as volunteering his time for good causes. He likes working with his hands; in this way, he is very hands-on. He loves to do things outdoors. He holds various belts in karate, and hes a member of the Southeastern Cherokee Confederation.

Steele loves God, his wife, his extended family, and being a father and grandfather. The reason he wrote this book was because he loves to research things. He found the JFK story to be very interesting, and he wanted to see what theories he could come up with that would justify the answer America has embraced all these years. So many people theorized on this famous cold case. He wanted to give his and wanted you to be able to think about what you think we know and what was fact. This book allows you to think about what we were told years ago and what he discovered while he researched. He wanted you to use your imagination with this book. So enjoy.

(2013, Paperback, 44 pages)