An Everlasting Love

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An Everlasting Love
by Randy M. Klotzman

An Everlasting Love is a love story in the truest sense: two people almost seven thousand miles apart are brought together not just once, but twice, through mere faith and destiny. Both Vered and Kyle grew up in two entirely different worlds, ages apart literally and yet when they were together, it was like magic. Every obstacle imaginable was thrown at them, but they were no match for the love Kyle and Vered had for each other.

Come take their journey and become a believer of An Everlasting Love.

About the Author:

Author Randy M. Klotzman has a unique style to his writing, words seem to jump off the pages of his writings, looking to take his readers with him on all of his intriguing and everlasting adventures. Mr. Klotzman loves sports, exotic cars and, most of all, his beautiful wife of 28 years, Anat, and his three priceless daughters Deena, Barak and Golan. The author has always had a true love for writing, but he originally enjoyed poetry, because he was able to be true to himself and not an outline. His biggest joy comes from getting his readers to enjoy his stories as much as he does writing them.

(2015, Paperback, 80 pages)