An Inspired Book of Poems

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An Inspired Book of Poems
by William D. Waites

Author William D. Waites says that during the time of revival in the middle and late seventies, the Lord in His way chose to bestow upon him this gift of writing Christian poetry. He simply writes down what the Holy Spirit tells him and that the Holy Spirit is the author. They are given to him anytime and in detail.

These poems have been given to him for people, to reflect on in the choir loft or even riding down the road after hearing a sermon. Waites hopes that as An Inspired Book of Poems is read, the readers will get the message that God is sending.

About the Author:

William D. Waites was born on September 5, 1938 in Alexander City, Alabama. His parents were William and Eloise Funderburk Waites. He had an older sister, Hilda, who died when she was fourteen. He attended school locally and graduated in 1956, playing many sports but excelling in football. His greatest disappointment was losing his scholarship to Alabama because they found out he wore contact lenses. He lied and joined the National Guard when he was sixteen in 1954, which led to him joining the Navy in 1956. He served in California, Washington D.C., and Morocco in North Africa. He had an eight year obligation which he served and was discharged in 1962. Waites said he was proud to have served his country.

The next six years were spent working here and there, moving a lot, and were thought of by Waites as a total waste. In 1968 he started working at a local furniture store, which was part of Skinner Corp, a chain in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. This is where Waites was able to find his niche.

In 1970, Waites met his future wife, Joan Blanks. He had gone to school with her for three years but did not know her. On the second date he knew he was going to marry her. In two weeks it was settled, and four weeks later on Dec. 26, they married. They had two children, Ray and Dee Dee. He had been moved into management, and they were living in Carrollton Georgia. Both had been saved when they were young by experiencing a spiritual revival in their lives which continued until she died December 1, 2012. Waites says it will continue as long as he lives.

(2016, Paperback, 80 pages)